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Five-A-Side Football Tournament in Orange Walk

ORANGE WALK TOWN–The Orange Walk Five-A-Side Football Tournament got started on Tuesday, November 18, at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town. Five games were scheduled to open the tournament. The results are as follows:

In game 1, in the Inter-Office Division, Leo Corado scored 2 goals for Cuello’s Store, who registered their first big W of the season over Centaur, 2-0.

Game 2, in the Open Division, saw Rig Parts overcoming Minions, 5-1, with 3 goals from Mauricio, and 1 each from Nelson and Christian. Filodelfie Quinonez scored the lone tally for Minions.

In game 3, in the Open Division, it was Landy’s drawing, 1-1, with Leonardo’s. Bram scored his first goal to open the scorecard in the first half for Leonardo’s, but Enrique Castillo evened the score for Landy’s in the second half.

Game 4 was a default win for Aquario, (3-0), over Sherwin Williams, who were unable to field a team.

And in game 5, Stadium Strikers started their tournament by registering a major blowout, 7-0, against Cutting Edge. Leo Corado scored 4 goals, while Manny Gonzalez, Zacarias Gonzalez and Puerto scored 1 apiece to complete the rout.

Week Two results

The tournament continued with 5 more games on Thursday, November 20, at the People’s Stadium. Here are the results.

In game 1, in the Inter-Office Division, Town Board started their title hopes by opening the scorecard via a Weinar Tovar goal, but Hospital responded with 7 of their own to finish off Town board with a clinical precision, 7-1. Goal scorers for Hospital were Darwin Pech with 4, Alberto Godoy with 2, and Memo “Doctorcito” Zetina with one.

Game 2, in the Inter-Office Division, ended with Odette’s and Centaur tied at 1-1.One goal from Mauricio Estrada for Odette’s and one from Recinos from Centaur were the only tallies for this game.

In game 3, in the Open Division, 2 goals from Juan Rodney ensured that Aquarios got the big W over Rig Parts, 2-1. The lone tally for Rig Parts was by Mauricio Estrada.

In game 4, in the Open Division, Landy’s came out firing on all cyclinders, as they registered their first win of the season, 5-0, at the expense of Crystal. Goal scorers for Landy’s were Gabriel Perez with 3, and Darren Mclaughlin and Enrique Castillo with one apiece.

Game 5, also in the Open Division, saw Cuello’s continue their dominance by registering their second win, 5-1, against Paniferico La Popular. Three goals from this season’s goleador Leo Corado, and 1 each from Elder Velasquez and Robis Cuello, ensured the big W for Cuello’s. The lone tally for La Popular came from Neri Sosa.

Present Standings in the Open Division: Aquarios – 6 points; Landy’s – 4 pts; Stadium Strikers – 3 pts; Rig Parts – 3 pts; Leonardo’s – 1 pt; Sherwin Williams – 0 pts; Minions – 0 pts; Crystal – 0 pts; and Cutting Edge – 0 pts.

Goleador Table: Leo Corado (Stadium Strikers) – 4 goals; Mauricio (Rig Parts) – 4 goals; Gardo Guiterrez (Landy’s) – 3 goals; Shamir (Aquarios) – 3 goals; Enrique Castillo (Landy’s) – 2 Goals; 8 Tied – 1 goal.

Standings in Inter-Office Division: Cuello’s – 6 pts; Hospital – 3 pts; Odette’s – 1 pt; Centaur – 1 pt; Triple A – 0 pts; Paniferico La Popular – 0 pts; Town Board – 0 pts.
Goleador Table: Leo Corado (Cuello’s) – 5 goals; Darwin Pech (Hospital) – 4 goals; Alberto Godoy (Hospital) – 2 goals; 6 Tied – 1 goal.

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