Letters — 18 November 2017
Garinagu … in the land we love, Belize …

Dear Editor,
I read with trepidation and pride your editorial entitled “Settlement Day 2017”.

Your clear and concise chronological breakdown of these historical events is very much appreciated. I read with trepidation, feeling for my ancestors who endured hardship and deprivation at the hands of others. I read with trepidation, feeling for the hardship and discrimination they lived even as they were “welcomed” in The Jewel.

At the same time, I beamed with pride as you accurately stated some of the achievements made and the impact the Garinagu have had on life throughout the Jewel. A lot of that achievement and impact however, came at a heavy cost to individuals and families but we persevered. I believe that “all a we dah one” remains a work in progress. We are getting there but there’s work to be done.

Please allow me this opportunity to officially congratulate the Bishop of Belize, Most Reverend Lawrence Nicasio! Bishop, you continue to make us proud.

Thank you, Amandala, for acknowledging our history and helping to cement our place as Garinagu in the future of the land we love, Belize!

Peace and blessings.
J. Lewis

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