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Girl, 16, shot; bullet lodged in chest

Cory White, 16, a student of the Police Street area, is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after she was shot behind the jaw, and the slug lodged in her chest. Doctors said that she must now live with the bullet in her chest, said her mother, Prudence Wade.

Cory and her boyfriend, a reputed member of the Gaza gang, and others, were walking home from the BTL Park at about 2:00 Sunday morning at the time of the shooting. After they passed a car that was parked in the area near the seafront, on Newtown Barracks, on the curve going towards the Town Clock on Barrack Road, an unknown gunman began shooting at them, hitting White.

Two other persons were also hit, but Cory’s boyfriend escaped unhurt. The three victims were taken to the KHMH, where the other two injured persons were treated and later released, but Cory was admitted to the Emergency Care Unit, where doctors worked on her. She is now stabilized and is recovering.

Wade, Cory’s mother, told Amandala that she had warned her daughter not to go out with the gang affiliate, but she insisted on doing so. She is sure that her daughter was not the target of the gun attack, and that the gang affiliate was the target.

White’s boyfriend has since been detained, because police believe that he can assist with the investigation.

Prudence Wade said that she continues to pray for the full recovery of her daughter.

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