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Girl lured Malcom Wagner to his death

HeadlineGirl lured Malcom Wagner to his death

Police say that at about 5:30 Saturday evening on Flamboyant Street, Malcom Jamal Wagner, 24, was standing near a lamppost waiting for someone when a vehicle drove up and stopped near him. A man came out of the car and began firing at him.

Wagner tried to escape, but he was hit multiple times. The killer then got back into the car, which drove away.

Wagner, shot five times in the back and chest, died within a short time.

Wagner’s grieving grandmother, Evadney Welch, said that he was in their house watching the World Cup games that Saturday evening when he received a phone call from a girl, telling him to meet her by the lane. Wagner, she said, got up out of the sofa with the TV remote in his hand and walked out of the house, to the lane, to meet the person who had called him.

It was then, said the grandmother, that the vehicle drove up to him, and the killer got out and shot him. Alerted by the gunfire, many people saw the vehicle speed out of the area, she said.

Police responded quickly and took Wagner to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to police, who retrieved (5) .32 expended shells from the area, Wagner had two gunshot wounds to the left lower back and one gunshot wound to the right thigh.

Wagner’s grandmother said that she rushed to the hospital, and doctors told her that Wagner’s lungs, kidneys and other very important organs had been damaged.

Wagner was pronounced dead at about 6:15 Saturday evening.

Wagner’s family believes that he had been lured to his death by the girl who called him, whose identity, at this point, is unknown to them. They told Amandala, however, that the girl’s phone number is on Wagner’s phone, which has been turned over to police.

Welch said that she believes that he became a wanted man because he rented a room in the Mayflower Street area, known as Ghost Town, but lives with her in a rival gang’s area.

Also, last year, Wagner had held down a man who was firing shots in the area, and police arrested the man and charged him with shooting offences. Since then, she said, attempts were made to shoot him on two occasions prior to this most recent shooting, which took his life.

Wagner’s mother, Ismay Usher, said that she is trying to be strong, but is overwhelmed with stress.

So far, no suspect has been detained.

Malcom Jamal Wagner is survived his mother, Ismay Usher, his grandmother, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, and many other relatives and friends.

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