Letters — 27 March 2013 — by Mark Langan

Dear Editor,

We commend the Amandala for providing the opportunity to inform the public about Genetically Modified Organisms.

By now, this final week of GMO AWARENESS MONTH, we have all learned a great deal — enough to know that the growing of GMOs commits the entire country to the monopolistic control of the petroleum-based chemical corporations that control Big Ag and ultimately seek to increase our dependency on products that make us sick and keep us broke. The Greed and the tremendous influence of these mega-corporations involve the pushing of their ‘products’ at us under threat of trade sanctions, should we not accept their agricultural ‘assistance’.

Belize will need to avoid the immediate attraction of short-term gains and instead act with futuristic foresight for the long-term good of all, standing with the Central American and Caribbean countries who have said NO to GMOs.

GMOs are building a history and proving to be far more harmful than originally believed. And, there are far too many unknowns — especially the unpredictable and unwanted ways in which the synthetic pesticide/poison associated with GMOs will work its way into our environment — into our soil… our water… our seas…and our children’s bodies. And, there are many other unknowns to consider. How will this pesticide corn, whose toxin does not degrade in sunlight or dilute and dissipate when it rains, alter its new environment? It‘s here to stay… in ways we have only to imagine, or dread.

We have done the research and, over the last month, we have reported the facts. It is our hope that the public will now be able to take an informed stand in the struggle to protect the integrity of Belizean agriculture and the food we put into our bodies.

There are many people who will say there is no standing up to corporations as big and influential as Monsanto. But in Germany, one honey farmer took Monsanto to court and WON! Because of his courage, German farmers have been able to keep genetically modified crops out of their country.

We too can be a David against the GM Goliath. We must impress upon our Government that we do not want to eat GMOs, we do not want to feed our animals GMOs, and so we surely cannot grow them. We must work with our government to see that laws are in place to keep our food safe.

This is our fight. But we are part of a worldwide battle over the right to eat food that is safe, the right to grow food that is safe, the right to save seed for the future, and the right to determine what’s in our own nation’s best interests, not the interests of huge agro-business. As we win this fight, we become heroes for the world, joining the ranks of warriors in solidarity.

GMO AWARENESS MONTH Educational Campaign

(NOTE: The following was posted on our BAGMO Facebook page. It might be nice for Belizeans to know the world is watching us.)

Just want to congratulate all BAGMO members on your good work. Here in Australia most of us got caught napping and many people are just waking up to what’s happening on all the fronts you highlight – health, legal, environmental and of course, ethical… So yes, education is the key, and fortunately it’s still early days in Belize as far as GMOs getting to the ‘no turning back’ point. I pray Belizeans make the most of this…
Best of luck, keep up the good fight, and know that you have supporters all around the world
Because we’re all in this together.

Mark Langan

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