Headline — 14 July 2018 — by Courtney Menzies
Grayson Cadle, 21, in coma; flown out to Georgia for treatment

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. July 12, 2018– Grayson Cadle, the 21-year-old who was severely burnt in his home at the corner of Mahogany and Mopan Streets, opposite Brown’s Butane Depot, as a result of the explosion of a butane tank which had been leaking in the adjacent apartment, is currently in an induced coma and they are flying him out of the country to receive treatment.

According to his mother, Marianne Cadle, she, Grayson, and her other son had been living in the apartment for only three months. Cadle also informed the media that Grayson had been admitted into the hospital in a critical condition, and that in a brief moment upon his arrival at the hospital, she spoke to her son, and he said, “Mommy, I did not do anything.”

Marianne said she could not ask a lot of questions since the doctors were treating Grayson. He needed surgery to remove burnt skin, since 70% of his body suffered second degree burns. He was also placed in an induced coma.

Marianne also said that their family is working with Yvette Burks of the Burn Victims Mercy Fund, an organization that raises money to fly burn victims out of Belize to receive treatment abroad. In less than 48 hours, they have managed to fly Grayson to Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.

Burks told News5 that finding a burn center for Grayson was difficult because of his age, since Shriners Hospital, which is usually used, specializes in children care. However, she was able to find another one and an air-ambulance which will cost $40,000 to fly out Grayson.

Burks also said that Doctors Hospital has a great burn center, and that she is happy they were willing to help Cadle. She is hopeful for Cadle, saying that the fact that he is leaving to go somewhere that specializes in burns means that he has a good chance of survival.

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