Sports — 14 August 2005 — by E-Jay Hill

?Playa hatin??? Absolutely not. Giving props where it is due? Unequivocally, yes. I don?t know what New Site Erei was like without ?Tilliman? Nunez. After watching Dangriga teams play physical, quick and brute strength football for the past three seasons, this Erei team is by far the best in discipline and pattern football, which is said to be attributable to no-nonsense owner, Justin ?Speedy? Gonzales, and the addition of the veteran workhorse – Norman ?Tilliman? Nunez.

Last Sunday, August 7, Cayo?s Hankook Verdes rolled into the Culture Capital?s Carl Ramos Stadium and after 90 minutes of football, they loaded up their bus and headed back West with a 6?2 pre-season loss to the new BPFL franchise – Griga?s New Site Erei.

Yesterday, last year?s BPFL rookies, Kremandala Lake, also paid a visit to the storied Carl Ramos Stadium and suffered the same fate – losing 2 nil to the same New Site Erei team, who have added additional power with defender, Jacinto ?Fowl? Bermudez, second year sweeper Allan Flores, midfielder Anthony ?Chucky? Flores, Jr., and forward Khalil Velasquez to join a star-studded lineup that is comparable to a Steven Spielberg suspense thriller. Norman ?Tilliman? Nunez, Harrison ?Kafu? Roches, Elroy ?Bibb? Kuylen, Lennox ?Da Criminal? Castillo, former rookie of the year award recipient Ryan Simpson, and new goalkeeper to the big leagues, Woodrow ?Ziko? West, could keep you in a state of suspense for the entire game unaware of what their next move would be.

The two teams came out with a test period playing slow-paced ball until the five-minute mark when ?Tilliman? set the table for Kalil Velasquez, but Kalil applied for a pilot?s license, kicking the ball high over the cross bar. At the 8:18 mark of the first half, Paul ?Fabulous? Bradley fouled Norman Nunez just outside the eighteen-yard box for a free kick. In a well organized set piece, Tilliman touched it over to Elroy Kuylen, who guided a low left foot grass burner between a four-man wall to the left of Kremandala Lake?s goalie, Derol Roches, for the first goal.

Krem?s Deon ?Pussy? Flowers threatened with a right foot bomb that grazed off a diving Woodrow West?s chest in the 20thminute. Two minutes later in the 22nd, Kremandala?s Deon McCaulay?s shot was stopped by West.

Then in the 24thminute, displaying beautiful patterns, Tilliman Nunez went from his side of the pitch up the middle, touched it over to Kuylen, who returned the favor back to Nunez. Nunez found Ryan Simpson streaking up the right side and Simpson sent a low pass intended for Kuylen inside the Six. Kuylen noticed defenders coming at him, faked the kick and allowed the ball to go between his legs to Kalil Velasquez, who found the empty net for the 2-nil lead past a confused Krem Lake defense.

At the half, player-coach David ?Manu? McCauley delivered a passionate half time speech to his soldiers, who listened intently and returned for the second half more organized, playing with much more enthusiasm. Kremandala turned up the pressure when Norman Nunez left the game at the 18 minute mark of the second half and Kuylen was also substituted for a few minutes later.

With the exit of the two superstars, Krem Lake?s offense intensified while Griga?s offense required life support, but the defenders became a whole lot busier in comparison to the first half when they were able to punch the ball around.

Perhaps Kremandala Lake are not showing their hand as to who they have on the roster for this season. But if the group they fielded in yesterday?s game, (which I doubt very much) is the core of Krem Lake, last season?s disappointing big league debut for the Lake could be more disappointment for the fans.

It has been confirmed that superstar midfielder Mark ?Kelo? Leslie is coming home to run for Kremandala in the upcoming season to join the McCaulays – Deon, David, Sr., and Jr., Peter Jones, Ian ?Yellow? Gaynair and Deon ?Pussy? Flowers, just to name a few. Whether or not they are just rumors, Emory Nunez and Tyrone ?T-Bone? Muschamp may also be wearing the black and white this year.

For Griga?s New Site Erei, this is their first shot at the big leagues. They look extremely well organized and may stir up some much needed excitement for the game. However, Dangriga?s football fans are brutally one sided. They won?t accept anything other than winning. Win, and you get a packed stadium. Lose, and you are in for a rude awakening.

When asked what is it like playing with Tillyman Nunez, New Site Erei rookie Lisbey Castillo lit up with a bright smile and responded, ?He motivates me, guides me and brings experience to my game. I love it.? Griga is in love.

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