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Haven’t smoked any decrim weed yet

Weed being decriminalized, I should have gone down by the riverside, or the lagoon side, or the seaside, and smoked myself happy, or silly, or sleepy. Seriously, I don’t know what to expect from smoking weed. I’ve had a couple skirmishes, but brief exposures are not conclusive.

I had expected that when it was no longer against the law to smoke weed that I would, to an approved area, take my few grams of weed, which would have been in an appropriate packet with an appropriate warning which explained that the product is not only potentially harmful to your health, but that it is also definitely injurious to a not so bad name.

The latter is one of the reasons why I haven’t had myself a guided smoke, along with some good Peter Tosh music. I do listen to Tosh when I’m taking a little drink. But I’m pretty sure that he, and Marley, and Lucky Dube, go best with the holy bush. I’ve told you before that weed smokers are not my crowd. I wouldn’t call it discrimination. It’s a matter of wave lengths.

I expect weed will carry a stigma for a very long time, because the job done on it was pretty thorough. You know what, I won’t elaborate on this. You know it, and I know it: weed smokers are not preferred guests at any Christian’s birthday party.

The other reason I haven’t gone off for a guided smoke is because I am just completely blown away with the absolute absurdityand hypocrisy in the application of the decrim law. I will buy ten grams of weed legally, but if the person who sells me the weed is caught selling me the weed, he will go to jail. Now, if a good citizen is aware of someone who is breaking the law, good citizen should report bad citizen to the police. So, you go and buy the weed, and then you go and smoke the weed, but before that first good or bad puff, you phone the police and tell them where you got it.

I thought there’d be increased education. It is a drug. And I thought the policy would be to ignore brothers and sisters who hustle a few pounds to sell, unless they violated the world of children, or the devil ambition took them into the exportation business.

You know, there are some things that you just cannot say. But Lawyer Peyrefitte, the government agent, hihn noh shy. You know what happens to me when I’m sitting on a stool and someone says something that is just flat out, out there. So, marijuana peddlers can carry on their business, but they have to be wily, better not get caught. That’s just incredible. If I had money I would have gone to Doctor Cob to get my ears checked.

The UDPeez are really the party of shocking. They boast of an honesty that could actually make you prefer lying. You remember when they fired a lady (not at policy level, at regular folk) and then said a UDP lady needed the job. Now, if only one job deh, and they give it to one of their own, we have to grin and bear it. But their response is no response at all!

You should accept guilt for a dishonest or immoral deed; you must also try to make restitution, and if that isn’t possible, then you must wear sack cloth. For example, you can’t say I fired a PUP and replaced him with a UDP, and that’s that, I’m so honest. You have to also say, and mean it…but I’m in government and I’m trying, with all my strength and savvy, to find or create a job for the one I fired, because ALL Belizeans deserve a job, have a right to employment. I am saying that acknowledging wrong is not sufficient to make you honest. You must make every effort to make restitution. If you can’t,you must wear sack cloth.

Hn, only a party with such wacky thinking could come up with a decrim law, and then set up traps all over the country to reel in people with a few pounds of weed, and incarcerate them. I thought I could handle the stigma, and my rum drinking colegas would just have to accept my treachery. But I can’t even face that because of my discomfiture with the absurd, criminal beat down of people with a few pounds of weed.

I’m really grimacing because this week I heard that Brother Pere is thinking political and I just flat out don’t know why this breed doesn’t stay away from the House of Representatives. I think Belize has had it up to the gills with lawyers in politics. The virtues of the lawyer breed do not compensate for the baggage they bring with them.

The two who became Prime Ministers owe this country a lot. Said Musa, the father of political reform, and a number of other good things, couldn’t see that his closest friends were raiding the pantry, and that in their greedy quest they were returning us to colony status. Braa, how could a democratic socialist give a full abrazo to the policies of Margaret Thatcher?

Dean Barrow will go down as the father of nationalization, with a twist, and the father of un-political reform.  We from NIP stock thought, naturally, that the leader of the UDP would follow in the footsteps of Philip Goldson. Bah, the UDP leader is a PUP and the evidence of that is that he is absolutely consumed with holding on to power.

Bah, in the end these men who led us during our twenty years of squander, 1998–2018, are six a one an half a dozen a di ada…Musa fed friends, and faamli too. Barrow fed faamli, and friends too.

We just don’t need any more lawyers in da House. Lawyer Peyrefitte has seen that feeding up there is good. These lawyers sit front row. It is for Belize to put the same collar on him (and all lawyers), that we put on Elvin Penner.

You remember Elvin. When Elvin came to power every Taam, Dik, and Hari knew Immigration had feeding. In a feeding frenzy no one hears the cries of an anguished nation. Naturally, Brother Elvin thought it was more of the same, in the lawyer-controlled system. But the people had had enough.

Barrow had some shame then. The lawyer training made him not see it was not right to declare his ex-wife and brother to be the best lawyers in the nation, and so most deserving to handle the lucrative Ashcroft cases, but even with his lawyer blinders he could see there were dishonest dudes in his camp. History will say he should have called elections immediately he found them out.

Government is no political party’s private business. Those of us with no blue in our veins might temper the lapse with the thought that had the election been called then and there, as it should have, the devil PUP would have won. Then there would have been no point to 2008, when the people shelled that wicked crowd out of office.

   There’s a breed the people should have shelled out of the House after 1981. Flat out, I’m not with these lawyers in politics. We have the evidence. The profession that can and does argue any side if the price is right, is guilty of just too much wikidnis in our country. We all have sins but that crowd is just too wily to have power.

What the hell, because you’re eloquent you get to control all THREE spheres of government? No one from among the rest of us qualifies for the judicial arm. That is their domain, alone. Let them stay there.

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