Crime — 02 August 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

Two young men, 18 and 19, of Corozal, have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on charges of carnal knowledge until September 27, by the Corozal Magistrate Court today, Wednesday, after a girl, 14, of Concepcion Village, Corozal, accused them of engaging her in sexual intercourse on different occasions.

The girl and her mother went to the Corozal Police Station on Tuesday, and told police that the two men had sex with her on many occasions The girl reported to police that the man, 19, of San Narciso, Corozal, had sex with her twice, on July 28 and July 29, while the other man, 18, had sex with her three times, on May 19, June 30 and July 20 this year.

The girl was taken to the Corozal Hospital, and after an examination, a doctor confirmed that the girl had been carnally known.

Police immediately went to the homes of the two men and arrested them. Amandala was informed that although a girl under 16, which is the age of consent, might agree to engage in sexual intercourse, it is not consent, because she is not of the age to do so.

As a result, carnal knowledge charges were brought against the offenders.

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