Features — 22 October 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
Herbalist Harry Guy talks about the fight against cancer and HIV/AIDS

October has been declared Cancer Awareness Month, and all are encouraged to wear pink to show solidarity with those who are battling cancer, and to remember those who have died due to the disease. However, according to herbalist Harry Guy, 65, those suffering with HIV/AIDS and various types of cancer can have hope.

Guy, a San Ignacio resident, says he has formulas and remedies that put full-blown AIDS and cancers into remission and enable those struggling with these diseases to live normal, healthy lives after his treatments. And these (cancer and AIDS) are just two of the ailments that he says he can address and alleviate.

In an interview today with Amandala, Guy said that he has been a herbalist since 1992, and that since that time he has assisted hundreds of people suffering with cancer and HIV/AIDS, among many other diseases, with tremendous success. For those who have accessed his remedies promptly after early detection of HIV or cancer, treatments are no longer than 3 months. In the case of HIV, after 6 weeks a blood test is carried out to assess the effect of the treatment and after 12 weeks a final blood test is conducted. He said that terminal cancers are hard to cure, and treatment periods usually extend to two years, but there are many with terminal cancer, he said, whom he has assisted to live healthy lives. He said, however, that patients are urged to seek treatment before cancer reaches the terminal stage.

Guy says he derives his medicines from herbs which he goes into the bushes to collect. He noted, however, that he has been encountering drawbacks due to land clearing and bush fires which destroy some of the medicinal plants he uses, and so he has embarked on planting and growing the plants which he uses frequently.

Guy admits that he cannot say that his cure for cancer or full blown AIDS is 100% effective, because nothing is 100% guaranteed, however no disease is a death sentence, he said.

Testifying to the effectiveness of the remedies of Harry Guy, Floyd Allan Westby (Leslie), 45, a Belize City resident, said that 20 years ago he was suffering from symptoms associated with full-blown AIDS, including tuberculosis, skin lesions and loss of weight, and he was directed to Harry Guy, who agreed to help him.

Westby said that he had refused to take medicines prescribed to him by doctors, fearing that when his body began to reject the medications he would need a higher grade of the drugs, which are unavailable.

He began to undergo Guy’s treatment, and after 18 months, he claims, his tests showed improvements – in effect, a regression from the full-blown AIDS from which he had been suffering. He said he took a further 3-month treatment, and since then he has not been taking any medication. He presently leads a physically demanding life. He paddles from the city to the St. George’s Caye area to get bait to go fishing at the Belize Long Caye Range, a total of about 27 miles paddling to catch fish to sell at the market. He carries this out 3 or 4 times per week. He said that people with HIV cannot accomplish this.

Westby is a fisherman by profession but he has no boat and is seeking monetary donations to buy a boat and an outboard motor so that he can sustain his family. He can be contacted at phone number 651-3529.

Harry Guy claims that he has helped people who were in a worse condition than Westby, and they are living healthy, active lives, so Westby’s improvement does not come as a surprise to him.

He stresses that people must be vigilant and seek help as soon as they are diagnosed with a condition.

Guy said that he is affordable, and his treatments can be accessed under the label “Jungle Remedies “in San Ignacio. He can be contacted at phone numbers 824-4117 or at 663-0248.

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