Letters — 28 March 2014 — by Romel Cuello

Dear Sir,

It was neither my wish nor intent to diminish the image of Rt. Hon. George Price in our history with my view on Sir Manuel’s role in same. I was just stating what was backed up by the “Tribute to Falo Fonseca” in the Amandala of the same date. Both Mr. Price and Mr. Esquivel have their magnificent roles in our history but like the Marco Antonio Solis song says, “Hombre perfecto no hay”. We all are humans and no one is perfect, except “Jesus, the Christ”.

Mr. Price had a vision of a politically independent Belize, which he achieved, but it took Esquivel to straighten up the finances of that dream come true. It cost them both.

Mr. Evan X Hyde also has a huge role in our history. He is the revolutionary who publishes the truth. That is why Amandala remains the best newspaper in Belize. He may take sides but will always publish the truth. He feuded with both Prime Ministers because that is his role in our history, to “Fight the Power”.

I remember when as a young man in Muffles College, sometime in 1969 or 70, our high school teacher gave us an assignment on newspapers. My colleagues and I met Mr. Eddie Salas, who I think distributed the newspaper. Coming from his work at B.S.I., he had one copy of “Amandala with Fire” and I remember vividly when he said “ I will lend you this one, but please bring it back because it’s my copy”. Don’t remember if he ever got it back.

Anyway, from then until now I have followed the newspaper’s path and it has never deviated.
A great man once said, “If I had to choose between a strong government or a free press, I would choose a free press” (or something that effect). I agree.

I completely disagree with politicians who state “I don’t watch the news or read newspapers”.

Romel Cuello

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