Sports — 04 April 2014 — by Erwin Woodye, Jr.

Hon. John Saldivar 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan update – Week 4!!!

The Hon. John Saldivar 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan continued on Sunday, March 30, at Mike’s Cue Club in Belmopan, as Round 1 ended, and Round 2 got underway. Let’s look at the individual results and standings.

Match 1: Las Flores downed Shattaz, 2-1. Las Flores’ Salvador Orellana hurt Jason Tsu, 3-1; and Julio Hernandez dropped Juan Gusman, 3-1. For Shattaz, it was Erwin Paredes over Victor Orellana, 3-0, by default due to work. Match 2: Twin Stars defeated Cotton Tree, 2-1. Twin Stars’ Sam Yam beat Mario Lopez, 3-1; and Moises Aguirre won Danilo Rivero, 3-1. For Cotton Tree, it was Robert Sanabria over Jose Palma, 3-2. Match 3: Special Effects blanked Barrio Fino, 3-0. Special Effects’ Edmund Guy got over Brian Mira, 3-2; Juan Maiestro got past Stanley Mira, 3-2; and Erwin Woodye won Santos Palma, 3-
1. Match 4: Gunslingers defeated BRC Shooters, 2-1. Gunslingers’ Thomas Myers won Clifford King, 3-2; and Kenny Arnold won Tim Banman, 3-1. For BRC Shooters, it was Elroy Grinage over Albert Martinez, 3-1. Match 5: Twin Stars won Special Effects, 2-1. For Twin Stars, it was Moises Aguirre over Juan Villanueva, 3-0; and Sam Yam over Erwin Woodye, 3-2. For Special Effects, Edmund Guy got the win over Jose Palma, 3-1. Match 6: Shattaz won Gunslingers, 2-1. Shattaz’ Erwin Paredes won Kenny Arnold, 3-2; Jason Tsu won Albert Martinez, 3-1; and for Gunslingers, it was Thomas Myers over Elder Paredes, 3-1. Match 7: BRC Shooters defeated Barrio Fino, 2-1. BRC Shooters’ Elroy Grinage won Brian Mira, 2-1; and Tim Banman defeated Stanley Mira, 3-1. Match 8: Las Flores blanked Cotton Tree, 3-0. Las Flores’ Julio Hernandez won Roberto Sanabria, 3-1; Salvador Orellana won Mario Lopez, 3-2; and Oscar Avelar zipped Danilo Rivero, 3-0. In a back match played, Las Flores won Cotton Tree, 2-1. Las Flores’ Julio Hernandez won Danilo Rivero, 3-0; and Salvador Orellana won Mario Lopez, 3-2. For Cotton Tree, Roberto Sanabria got the W over Victor Orellana by default due to work.

STANDINGS TO DATE: Shattaz and Twin Stars tied at 32 pts, Special Effects 30 pts, Las Flores 28 pts, Barrio Fino 22 pts, BRC Shooters 20 pts, Cotton Tree 16 pts, and Gunslingers 14 pts.

Games continue on Sunday, April 6, starting at 2:00 p.m. at Mike’s Cue Club in Belmopan.


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