Letters — 01 March 2017
Hopkins resident complains about Seiri Del Mar development project

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Hopkins (born in Virginia), and I stroll the northern end of the village most mornings. The beautiful sounds and scenes of the village and nature, however, are being suffocated by the irresponsible approach used in developing Seiri Del Mar.

The developers blatantly break environmental laws, causing a loss of quality of life for every villager in Hopkins. Seiri Del Mar continues to destroy acres of mangroves, dig and remove all wetlands, and fill them with millions of cubic tons of clay and stone. The destruction of the environment is inexcusable and possibly criminal.

The destruction of our infrastructure is equally appalling. The endless columns of trucks entering and exiting the village ruin our roads, shake our houses, and cause leaks in our water pipes. The amount of resources wasted on another high-end resort is mind-boggling.

One villa consumes more energy, water, and media than whole communities in Hopkins. Is there a proper environmental impact assessment for this project? If the document exists, can it be reviewed? Is there a legitimate Central Building Authority permit for Seiri Del Mar?

Does the developer have an unchallenged deed to the property? The people of Hopkins should not be subject to this irresponsible behavior. What can be done to correct this situation?

I have many photos and the ability to take more. The developers have also attempted to block access to the area so nobody will see their destructive practices. Please help.


Ned Lawless

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