Letters — 30 October 2015
“I hold out high hopes”

Dear Editor,

Please permit me to voice my opinion on a topic of concern. If you can remember, on May 18, 2009, we had a horrible experience at our main hospital here in Punta Gorda.

I wish to follow up with another incident that has recently happened again here in our Punta Gorda Hospital. I normally wouldn’t write on the birth of our child but after the recent birth of our son, I just felt that I had to write this letter to thank all those wonderful nurses who are trying so hard to do a good job in our wonderful Belize.

If you remember, on May 18, 2009, it was a horribly traumatic experience for my whole family and yet I am content in my heart that we did not sue and deplete the coffers of money our hospitals are so in need of.

Now if I can take you to September 30, 2015. I believe that in life we are given a chance by our wonderful Creator to help right wrongs that happened in the past. This, in my opinion, is what happened on September 30.

My wife again entered the hospital with labor pains and as is usual, was admitted to await her delivery time. As she was waiting, the small delivery room was soon packed with patients patiently waiting to deliver, along with my wife.

My wife soon informed the nurses that it was time and she was squirreled off to the delivery room just a few feet away, and not, as before, having to walk down a long corridor.

And again, as if it was déjà vu, as another lady entered, needing to deliver immediately. We all know what happened in the past, but today, it was different, as nurses and doctors were doing what they do best, and that is taking care of their patients.

My wife was prepped for delivery, as was the other patient. Nurse and midwife, Ms Brecinio, was barking orders, as it seems that the same situation that killed my son in the past was about to replay itself. As she was barking orders, nurses were moving and responding to her requests. Nurses were jumping both in the delivery room and in the waiting room; it was simply, amazing to me.

My son and the other baby were delivered two minutes apart. This was the same hospital, but with caring nurses doing their jobs.

Dr Legra was following up with all the results, trying to make sure everything was going as it should, even to an impatient father and husband, namely me. She patiently calmed me down, informing me that everything was under control.

To say the least, I was very impressed. My son spent ten days on antibiotic treatment. During that time, nurses like Candelara Ack , Marlin Rusero, Margery Cho, Dilcia Staine, Esther Teul, Francisca Onyemalen, Chima Odiete, Estelita Teul and Maudia Williams made an impression on me with their kindness and attentiveness, even with simple injections.

I hold out high hopes. I know we are a poor country, but with caring nurses such as I have named in our hospitals, the hospital will definitely improve and shine.

So the long and short of it is, thank you, everyone, at the Punta Gorda Hospital and NHI clinic. My son is at home alive and safe. May our Creator bless you all.


Andy Jones, Cenaida Raymundo and family of four now

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