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Ideas and Opinions- Gender Diversity

Is there such a thing? Yes, if you can make words mean what you want. All you have to do is listen to the Master, according to the Humpty Dumpty principle. No, if what you refer to is an absurdity. What it refers to is that gender is determinable by group sexual preference. Let’s examine the relationships of human sexual relationships.

The reality is, first of all, that sex and gender are synonymous. If your sex is male, you are of the male gender and, if your sex is female, you are of the female gender.

There are only three different kinds of sexual relationships, which is called copulation. The three relationships are between a male and a female, two females or two males. When a man and a woman copulate, they remain male and female of different sex and gender. When two women copulate, they remain female of the same sex and gender and, when two men copulate, they remain male of the same sex and gender.

What is this Gender Diversity all about? As far as I know there are two genders, male and female, the same as sexes in the animal kingdom. Inanimate objects are said to be neuter, which means having no gender. It has been so from the beginning.

The idea of Gender Diversity, which means more than two genders, seems to be an absurdity. Do we have to accept it? Yes, if according to the Humpty Dumpty principle, all that is needed is for the Master to say a thing and it becomes a reality. In this case, the Masters of the World have decided that there shall be Gender Diversity. Which world? The world under their control. But, that can’t include Belize, a sovereign, democratic country, in which the will of the people forms the basis of government. We are a democratic country but, the power of the people is in the hands of the Executive. The Rulers of the World have the power to “persuade” a government, during its term of office, to carry out policies which the people, if consulted, would reject.

What Gender Diversity refers to is a recent “discovery” that gender is determinable by group sexual preference. This would be of no concern to Belizeans, except for the fact that our government has declared a new Gender Policy which is based on the assumption that there are several genders.

This new policy comes to us “whole cloth” out of the blue. It is supposed to have been proposed by an organization called the National Organization of Women, which is registered in Belize. I find it hard to believe that any body of Belizean women, more than half of whom would have to be Christian, are in favor of everything in the new policy. The policy is too like the Agenda which certain First World countries have decided to impose on the Third World countries under their control. A minister of religion described the New Policy thus: It’s like a mixture of several spoonfuls of a mixture in a glass, all of them wholesome but one of which is Gramoxone.

Homosexuality: Is it a choice or a compulsion?

Two male members were discussing this subject. One was in support of homosexuals, as otherwise law-abiding, productive citizens, who pay their taxes and, ought to be allowed to express themselves sexually. “They have the same right as fornicators, whose sin is as grievous,” he said. The other opposed. He said that there was no question but that the homosexual act was against the order of nature. It was unhealthy and, the vast majority of our citizens are revolted at the idea of men having sex with each other.

I was privy to their discussion, not taking sides, because I shared the views of the opposition and, because I thought he was having the better of the argument. Comparing homosexuality with fornication is a loser. The circumstances of fornication make it sinful and harmful, not the act itself, which is as nature intended.

Then, seeing that he might be losing the argument, the supporter of the homosexual cause posed this question, “Why would a man want to be a homosexual?” What he was saying is that no one in his right mind wants to be a homosexual. Certainly not in the same way that a child wants to be a doctor, fireman or aviator, when he grows up. So. Our thesis is apt. Homosexuality is either a choice or a compulsion. So, do men choose to be homosexual or are they compelled? I think it can be either.

Why would a man choose to be a homosexual? I can think of several reasons why a man would choose this lifestyle but, I shall not list them. What is of more interest and concern is the kind of man who would choose this lifestyle. I think that he has to have a certain kind of courage. He has to be wilful and egocentric. He is a law unto himself, with his own moral code. The man who chooses to be a homosexual is dominant in any personal relationships.

The other class of homosexuals have no control over sexual tendencies. They cannot help themselves, and their families are equally helpless and unable to cope. If we agree that there is no homosexual gene and they were not born that way, shouldn’t the help they need be provided? Society would benefit because many of these afflicted ones are supremely gifted.

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