Letters — 30 October 2015
The illegal border crossing at Bullet Tree

Dear Editor,

Residents of Bullet Tree live in a beautiful community which should be safe and secure for people of all ages.

For the past few years the calm of this village has been disturbed by trucks of all sizes and other vehicles making illegal border crossings during the day and especially at night via an unmarked dirt road which passes by the Bullet Tree police station. Vehicles stolen in Belize, including government vehicles, are driven on this road to Guatemala never to be seen by their owners again.

There are no checkpoints on this road. Vehicles have been seen by residents of Bullet Tree changing license plates from Guatemala to Belize before proceeding into Bullet Tree village. No cargoes are checked for safety and no taxes are collected from these vehicles.

To date it appears that the police, Belize military and politicians have not intervened to close this illegal road. It would not be difficult to construct a barrier across the road which would staunch the illegal entry and exit of vehicles at the border and help keep the peace and protect the citizens of Bullet Tree village.

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