Features — 02 November 2012 — by Albert J. Ciego

Buckley was shot by police in the head in a case of mistaken identity; if the government can help a Guatemalan, the government can help him, a Belizean, he said.

Almost three years after he was shot in his head by police due to mistaken identity, on Kraal Road in Belize City, Steven Buckley has still yet not been compensated for his terrible injuries, and life for him is a day-to-day struggle for existence.

Buckley told Amandala today that since he was shot, he has been disabled, and cannot work. He was disappointed to hear that the government will pay BZ$20,000 compensation to the Guatemalan man who was shot and killed on our side of the border, breaking our laws, and when the man charged at, and attempted to kill one of our soldiers, the soldier defended himself.

He said that after being shot by police by mistake, nothing has been given to him. He calls on the government to help him and his family, just as they are planning to help the Guatemalan. He needs assistance and financial support. He said that he cried this morning because he, a proud man, has been reduced to begging from people. He said that he has been used to working, and not begging.

He said that before the money is given to the Guatemalan, a criminal, he should be given the preference, because he is a Belizean citizen and did not deserve what was done to him, unlike the Guatemalan, who broke our laws and aggressed the soldier.

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