Features — 21 December 2016
It’s “Corto”!  “Maradona” seeks help

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Dec. 19, 2016–A few weeks ago, we heard reports of an Over-40 football player who had suffered a stroke, and was thus wheel chair bound. The story we heard, was that he had just buried his mother, whom he had lived with and taken care of, and was grief stricken on her loss, when, two weeks later, he himself suffered a massive stroke.

The wheel chair part is accurate; but Maradona, I learned yesterday, did not suffer a stroke.

What I also found out was that Maradona is actually a brother whom I have known for decades as “Corto,” being a very short player.

We will have a more detailed account of his story in our weekend issue. But for those who, like myself, were not sure who this local “Maradona” was, and who now seeks our help, we print his picture above, taken at his 4th Street home in Kings Park last night.

In brief, Maradona says he needs to raise around $2,000.00 for an M.R.I. on his spine so that an operation can be done for a pinched nerve, and he possibly could walk again. He can be reached at 663-5333.

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