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J. C. Arzu’s ideas for better governance

LettersJ. C. Arzu’s ideas for better governance

Dear Editor,

It’s observed that: The unity of Land and Labor yields Capital. The unity of Land, Labor and Capital yields Profits.

In a true democracy, men and women are citizens. And, all are equal before the law. In a monarchy, men and women are subjects. And, not all are equal before the law.

Furthermore, in a true democracy a citizen can aspire to rise to the office of Head of State and his wife named First Lady. When a female rises to Head of State her husband is named First Gentleman or, First Bloke.

On the other hand, in a monarchy the monarch inherits his/her office. No subject is eligible to rise to the office of Head of State, except through revolution.

In republics, Prime Ministers are generally Chief of Staff. In monarchies, Prime Ministers are Head of Government; such is the case across the British Commonwealth.

As you already know, Belize is the one country to surrender its independence, in 1862, about 64 years after the St. George’s Caye battle, becoming British Honduras in the process. I and many alive today were born in that colonial British Honduras.

So. I’m drunk on the monarchy Kool-Aid, same as the folks on THE POLITICAL REFORM COMMISSION – JANUARY 2000.

The following are my “two cents” on how Belize may improve its self-governance before deciding to become a truly independent democracy at some future date in an interdependent world.

The National Assembly, also known as Parliament, is split in two. The bigger side, aka House of Representatives, taxes the people for the Executive/Cabinet to plan for Belize’s future, enforce all laws and remedy national problems. The smaller side of Parliament, aka the Senate (elected or not), then screens, and approves those appointed to Cabinet, the Judiciary, statutory bodies, etc.

Members of Parliament during their term of office in a true democracy are not eligible for appointment to Cabinet. The reasons for this are the following:

1. Parliamentarians represent electors and taxpayers.

2. Cabinet represents the State.

3. Conflict of interest or, perception of conflict of interest, is not tolerated.

In a true democracy, the separation of powers is clear for all to see. Such that, none of the three branches of government contain member(s) from another branch. For instance, judges don’t sit in Parliament or Cabinet. Neither should Parliamentarians sit on the bench or in Cabinet. And, of course, neither should Cabinet members sit on the bench or in Parliament.

However, because Belize is a modified dictatorship, aka a monarchy, the Prime Minister would be an exception to the rule. He/she should have a seat in Parliament and in the Cabinet. The reason for this is as follows: A deliberate weak link is required in order to protect our more valuable governance components. Take, for instance, the electrical wiring in your home or car. Fuses and circuit breakers are deliberate weak links to protect the wiring, valuable appliances and your home or car from potential electrical fire damage.

The one section of Belize law online I recommend you review and evaluate is Chapter 4, Part 5 (The Executive), Section 40 (Ministers of Government), Sub Section 2. Here is why. This Sub Section of Belize law/Constitution removes representation of electors and taxpayers from the day-to-day governance of lawless Belize.

Revising this law to exclude Area Reps and Senators from Cabinet will, by extension, incorporate the will of electors and taxpayers into day-to-day governance. Area Reps can then do fulltime, what they are elected to do; make good laws, and keep an eye on the Executive/Cabinet and, the Judiciary.

Furthermore, this would make it very, very likely Area Reps will take testimony in public hearings during House, and Senate committee meetings, getting answers to the many questions you have about KHMH, the border, rogue Cabinet Ministers, one-sided law enforcement, the highways and streets and, the one thousand other things bugging you about Belize.

I presume you’ll agree that, it’s time many, many more Belizeans benefit from the Profits of the unity of Belize’s Land, Labor and Capital.

The revolution is up ahead.

J. C. Arzu
[email protected]

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