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World Meteorological Day 2023

by Charles Gladden BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 23,...

Women’s Month: Arma Arzu Divas

by Kristen Ku BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 23,...

COMPOL on fatal RTAs

Photo: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police by Charles...

As a layman …

FeaturesAs a layman …

(This article was first published in the Amandala issue of Friday, March 3, 1995)

Kaleidoscope…thoughts are things; there is nary a thing extant that was not ever a thought…in this day of electronic wizardry, fax, etc. why should banks hold their checks for 6-7 weeks when interbank movement runs at 2% interest per hour… please…the refugees will work us out of our country…calling refugees “aliens” has an ominous connotation…they are not beings from outer space…use of words to induce hate, fear and anger…while we poke fun at them they learn our language; we can’t or won’t learn theirs… Seychelles is a good example for Belize to examine on the effects of the Oriental immigrants on the country…send a mission to observe…in 30 years the president of Belize will be of Chinese/Mayan/Indian ancestry…the vice-president will be the descendant of Creole/Indian/Mestizo…Belize is the only country that sells land at fireman rates to foreigners who then sell to their compatriots at profitable margins…this is a mystery of which one stands in awe…the white man is willing to die to gain knowledge; the black man is afraid to leave his neighborhood…Belizeans adopt the images of America but not the work involved to create them…now that Britain has retrenched the Gurkhas after long and faithful service to Empire, Belize should absorb them into the BDF, payment being land and citizenship after 12 years service…more rewarding to them than thank you and a long service medal…if Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, how come we have to get visas to visit Britain (do Canadians and Australians have to?)…one stands in incredulity at a black man’s ability to rationalize his greed, even as he ensures his enslavement…do you think he will respect you for giving away your birthright, Ishmael…if Belize is sovereign and independent, how come it doesn’t get foreign aid in the same way Israel does…Israel gets 3 billion in foreign aid. South Africa/Namibia, source of vast mineral resources essential to the industrial North, gets 600 million…figure it out…the Jews’ ultimate genius has been their ability to survive…their penultimate one has been to make their history a religion, consolidating it with guilt, and then canonizing it…thought that God is a dynamic…continuous creation…in the Nazi era the German banks even outside Germany reported back Jewish bank accounts…shades of T.E.R.A. …. Belize should maintain its racial balance by accepting West Indian and Haitian immigrants, locating some in the San Pablo area of Toledo, some in the Chial area of Cayo, and some in northwest Belize…the cost of two aircraft carriers and a moonshot will underwrite the program…when anything is promised and there is no legislation in place to implement it, then it is a lie…and when anything is promised and there is no bank available, then it is a deception…would a better option than economic citizenship be to sell “citizenship” to corporations worldwide…a plaque on an accountant’s lawyer’s wall would be far better than losing forever an acre of land…eliminate all taxes now in effect and replace them with a 10% sales tax across the board…the IMF gold holdings in 1982 was 60-80 billion dollars…IMF is the reserve of the West, even though it has more than 140 members…central bankers do not pass the laws nor the spending programs nor face the electorate…the day the Airport was built, it was obsolete…the day the Hospital is opened, it will be obsolete…Belize builds for yesterday…how many Belizeans know of or care about such organizations as the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Round Table…the Heritage Trust…they are the comptrollers…Goebbels said that if you repeat a lie often enough, the masses will come to believe it…the tragedy is when the perpetrator starts to believe it…Chiapas and the Peten are loaded with oil and they are in close proximity to Belize…one speculates that Belize, being the basin, should also be loaded with oil…one hopes that when they exploit the oilfields in the South, Guatemala doesn’t whipstock it… extend the Mollejon Project north to form an energy grid involving Chiapas gas and oil resources, and south to form another grid with Guatemala, thereby providing energy to the indigenous people of the hinterlands, thus precluding migrations to the urban centers…now that offshore banking seems imminent, one hopes that Belize gets more than the charter price and a few stamp duties (Netherland Antilles)… funny how we are quick to vilify and condemn the child for stealing to eat, yet enter the branch banks that export the money as though we are entering a church, and hold in high esteem the rich merchants with their extortionate prices…there is an annual “smoke out” day; perhaps there should be a monthly “no phone out day”…did you know that the idea for IMF was to create an agency for reconstruction and development…now it is an instrument of usury and “de-development”…the first targeted group in any society to be made a scapegoat is the weakest, least organized…wake up, Creole…isn’t there an international principle of law that states that 66 feet from the high water mark is public domain? So how come people, especially foreigners, flout the law by regarding the beach in front of their residences and hotels as their private domain..why not establish agriculture and training facilities on the British estates (once the portfolios are returned) for our children who do not qualify for a secondary education…rumour and gossip are like opening a bag of feathers on a windy day…aside: 55% of Government’s budget goes to salaries…cut it in half…use the savings to create income generating programmes for the retrenched…


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