Sports — 01 October 2016
Leading the league, but FC Belize players unhappy

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 29, 2016–With their 4-2 win last night at the MCC over visiting Orange Walk FC, all should be bright and beautiful inside the FC Belize camp; but instead, late word this evening is that the frustration among players with their team management has reached a breaking point, where the players, who have been playing “on hand middle,” so to speak, for some time now, feel like they are being exploited by the team’s management. Apparently, reports have reached a number of the players about funds that were supposedly received by the team management, and which they have received no benefit from. According to a team spokesman, “Rather than continue putting all our energy out there only so that somebody else can benefit off of our sweat, better we just stop playing.”

We don’t know all the details of the problems going on with FC Belize, but we know that the big challenge of any team management is to make your players happy. As the Puppet used to say, “More love” is what we need. FC Belize players are not happy. And, despite a winning record, they are prepared to give it all up and go on strike to bring their predicament to the attention of the authorities, hoping that they can do something to rectify the situation.

Belize City fans, who have longed for some time to have a good team representing the City, and perhaps make it to the playoffs, would be terribly disappointed if FC Belize should forfeit this Sunday’s match and blemish their outstanding record so far.

But, with their cries so far only finding deaf ears, the FC Belize players may now feel it necessary to make that sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

The players have reportedly signed a petition to the league to have their situation addressed.

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