Letters — 22 May 2019
Letter from a broken-hearted mother

Dear Editor,

My name is Rosa Aura Maderos, 46 years. I lived at #9 Kut Ave in Belize City for many years as the common-law-wife of Patrick Castillo. I had my five kids along with his two kids living together. He was always abusive and hateful towards my kids, but I tried to work things out.

Patrick Castillo was charged with murder for chopping my son to death with a machete, but the court found him not guilty. The ruling was that Castillo acted in self-defense when he killed my son.

I do not agree. There are many things I can say about all that happened in my home, and why my son said what he said to his stepfather.

I am a grieving mother. My son was not perfect, but he respected people. My family has been ripped apart by what happened and the decision of the court has hurt us very much.

My three daughters who witnessed the killing of my son are still suffering. They wake in the middle of the night with nightmares. They can’t eat properly at times; their concentration fails them.

My daughter Liny suffers anxiety and heart problems. Our lives are just disastrous. Our lives are destroyed. I ran with my family from Belize, leaving everything behind.

I want to say thanks to the people who believed in us and stood by us in these very troubling moments. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL THROUGH JESUS.


Rosa Aura Maderos

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