Letters — 22 August 2014
A letter from Mr. Linker

Dear Editor,

Major Jones raised an important issue in his July 27, 2014 letter “Diaspora, what have you done for me lately.” However, as a US citizen who has resided in this beautiful country since 1992, and as a former officer in the US Navy, I feel that he also missed an important point.

Let me use two examples to help explain the point. In the ancient country of Greece, they value citizenship so strongly that even if you were not born in Greece, you are still subject to being conscripted into the Greek military based on your Greek heritage. And, in my native country of the United States of America, they value my rights and opinions as a voter so much that the US Embassy issued me an absentee voter card to facilitate my use of the political process to vote in our elections. Thus, in Greece, the oldest democracy, and in the USA, the largest democracy, the countries strongly protect and cherish a citizen’s say in the political process.

The point missed in the editorial is that the important issues he mentioned such as Guatemala, the economy and KHMH are at the heart of the political process and are why we need to ensure the political involvement of the Diaspora.

The participation and opinion of ALL citizens is what democracy is about and the military of every democracy is there to protect that right! Belize needs to hear the voice of every citizen to protect the rights of all.

Belize, a small, young, and great country, needs to continue this tradition for the good of all.

Jack Linker, LCDR USNR

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