Sports — 30 March 2018 — by Erwin Woodye, Jr.
Mayor’s 8-Ball Tournament in Cayo – Luis Usher, Champ!!!

SAN IGNACIO/SANTA ELENA, Tues. Mar. 27, 2018– The single-player 8-Ball Tournament in Cayo, being sponsored by Mayor Earl Trapp, Jr., concluded on Sunday, March 25, at CK Sports Bar.

The first round of the tournament started with twenty-two players being placed in two groups of eleven playing a single round-robin format. At the second round, it was down to the top ten players, as five players from each group advanced; and then to the top four players.

The top four who clashed were Erwin Woodye (seeded #2) vs Luis Usher (seeded #3), and David Fernandez (seeded #1) vs Johnny Betancourt (seeded #4). In the first series, David Fernandez won over John Betancourt by default; and Luis Usher won Erwin Woodye, Jr. by a 4-1 score. So, it was David Fernandez vs Goliath, Luis Usher; but after David was up, 2-0, Luis made a huge comeback and dropped David, 4-2, leaving him with his slingshot with no stones to shoot. In the end, it was Luis emerging as champ.

The tournament ended with players in the following rank:  Luis Usher (1st), David Fernandez (2nd), Erwin Woodye (3rd), Johnny Betancourt (4th), Mark Trujillo (5th), and Juan Villanueva (6th).

Thanks to Mayor Earl Trapp, CK’s Sports Bar for all the gift certificates for food and bar tab and hosting; Juan Villanueva for hosting and beer donated; Kevin’s Cool Spot for hosting and beer donated; Amandala and Love FM for publishing updates; and everyone who contributed one way or another.

In the West, it is said that to be the best, you must meet and beat the best!!!!

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