Sports — 01 November 2013 — by Isaias Lima – Treasurer, CBA

The action in the Mayor’s 9-Ball Tournament 2013 continued this past weekend, seeing action between Expendables and Cerros Sands, where the home team, Expendables defeated Cerros Sands by a score of 3-2. The wins for Expendables came by Miguel Trejo over Tom Gardiner by a score of 5-3; Raul Montejo, 5-3, over the President of the CBA, Mark Leonard; and Abner Patt over Jose Caballero, 5-0. The wins for Cerros Sands came from Luis Izab over Herbert Dzib by a score of 5-3; and by Guillermo Arana over Mauricio Pena by a close score of 5-4.

The other game between Madis vs Rebel was also a victory for the home team, Madis, who won at home by a sore of 3-2. The wins for the home team came by Elias Briceno over Joshua Kuylen by a score of 5-3; Erwin Mutul over Abel Rivera, 5-4; and Rodolfo Alvarez over Marvin Cardona, 5-0. The wins for rebels came by Joel Andino over Mario Pena by a score of 5-3; and by Lazaro Amaya over Bernardo Gongora, 5-4.

The Corozal Billiards Association (CBA) invites all billiards fans to come see and cheer for their favorite team.

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