Letters — 14 November 2014
Medicine instructions in Spanish

Dear Editor,

I recently bought some worming tablets for my dog and when I reached home and opened the box to read the instructions on the insert it was in Spanish, with no English translation. This made me think the same thing happened when I went to buy poison for the ants and flu medication for a child.

This country’s official language is English, so why do I need a translator to use products bought in Belize? How many, young and old, have been given wrong dosages of medication because there was no English instructions? How much poison has been used incorrectly or disposed of improperly due to consumers’ inability to read the instructions?

I am not one to call on government for all our needs, but this is one area where only GOB can rectify the problem. Poisons disposed of improperly destroy our rivers and streams; medications taken improperly do more harm than good, and can even cause death when taken in the wrong quantity, or with other medications.

Protect your citizens, GOB.

Samuel Salter

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