Headline — 24 January 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
Micah Williams, 28, succumbs to gunshot injuries

He was shot on Racoon Street Extension before 9 on Tuesday morning

Less than 48 hours after Eaton Carr, 37, died after being shot multiple times while walking on the dangerous Banak Street on Sunday night, Micah Williams, 28, of Racoon Street Extension, lost the fight for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot in the right temple at about 8:50 Tuesday morning.

Williams was washing his vehicle in front of his house when a man rode up to him and shot him in the right side of the head. The man then rode away.

Williams was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a critical condition by his neighbors in a private vehicle. In the Intensive Care Unit, doctors worked to save Williams’ life, but were not successful.

Williams’ body has since been taken to the morgue, where it awaits a postmortem to certify the cause of his death.

The official police report said that Williams was with two other persons when he was shot. Detectives of Precinct 2 said that they are seeking a Belize City man known to them, who they believe can assist in the investigation.

A mechanic who was repairing a car a short distance away from where Williams was cleaning his vehicle told Amandala that he heard a “pop” sound, but mistook it for the sound of firecrackers. His son, who was with Williams, ran to him and told him that Williams had been shot.

The mechanic quickly ran to Williams and saw him on the ground beside his vehicle, bleeding from the side of the head. He immediately picked him up and put him in his neighbor’s vehicle, and the neighbor and his, the mechanic’s, son, rushed Williams to the KHMH.

Williams was then rushed to the Medical Associates Hospital for intensive examinations, after which he was taken back to the KHMH, where he was returned to the Life Support Unit.

The mechanic said that the attack on Williams was brazen, and that people are no longer safe in the city. He begs the police to do their best to get the criminals off the street.

Leila Williams, Micah’s mother, said that she was called to go to the hospital to sign some papers giving permission to the doctors to perform emergency surgery to open his skull so that his brain could be afforded more space to swell, because it was bleeding internally (hemorrhaging). The surgery, if it was successful, would give him a chance to survive, the doctors said. He was taken into the operating theater, but died shortly after, she said.

Micah Williams is known to law enforcement officers. According to court reports, on March 1, 2012, he was acquitted in a drug case in which he and two others allegedly threw a sack of marijuana weighing about 20 pounds out of a vehicle they were travelling in when police was chasing them after they sped past and refused to stop at two vehicle checkpoints manned by police.

In court, Williams got away from the drug trafficking charge because his attorney, Anthony Sylvester, convinced the officers that because the area was dark, they could not positively identify the man whom they had been chasing as Micah Williams.

Also, in March, 2010, Williams was shot in his right shoulder during a high speed chase and shootout with police on March 9, 2010, at the Hattieville-Boom Road Junction. He was later arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Williams pleaded not guilty to the charge in court, but Magistrate Albert Hoare denied him bail.

Williams had shown the Magistrate a bullet wound in his right shoulder; he told the court that the bullet was still lodged in his shoulder. The Magistrate had ordered that he be taken to the hospital for medical treatment, which he received shortly after.

There are a number of allegations as to why Williams was killed, but police say that they are not sure why he was shot.

Police announced that a boy, 17, has been detained and is being interviewed, as they continue the investigation into the murder of Micah Williams.

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