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Michael Peyrefitte as Attorney General worries me

Dear Editor,

The thought of Michael Peyrefitte as Attorney General really worries me. Will he know what to do?

Back in 2005, my husband-to-be Leonardo Caretella was in the Belize Central Prison and I had only been in Belize for two years and had not learned how Belize functions. Leonardo had suggested I might try to get him a pardon. Mr. Pitts had already told me there was no chance.

However, I was talking with the collection of ladies that I travelled with on the bus to visit our loved ones. One lady suggested that I should try Michael Peyrefitte, as he was the up and coming young lawyer. So, I went to see Mr. Peyrefitte, paid him my $1,000 and heard his advice. He told me to go and see Francis Fonseca, the then Attorney General, as he was the one who could give pardons.

I went to see Francis Fonseca. He said that he would love to help but it was the GOVERNOR GENERAL who dealt with pardons.

I wonder what else Mr. Peyrefitte does not know. (From my experience of standing orders in local government in the UK, naming someone means actually naming them, not just talking about it.)

On a different matter, your reporter, reporting on the murder of villager Melecio Gonzalez, 48, that occurred in Yalbac, Cayo District, wrote that Maximilliano Williams, who was the main suspect, was known as Mad Max.
Max was our very good friend and we never knew him as that or heard anyone call him that. It seems an insult to our departed friend to write that.


Sally Caretella, Esperanza Village

(Ed. NOTE: Maximiliano Williams is originally from Punta Gorda. His cousin, Frank Williams, who knows him very well, told our reporter that he also was called “Max,” or “Mad Max.” We in no way meant any disrespect to the family or memory of Maximiliano Williams.)

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