Letters — 10 October 2018
Morass of “mediocracy” prevails in perpetuity …


Those who live in darkness cannot see, so we are counseled.  Strike a match, banish the blindness, let all pervasive light encompass the world.

Yet, blinded by the light, we still cannot see … There are those who believe that what is happening in the real world is a consequence of events in that other world beyond night and day, a world where evil lives on, while good is oft interred with the best intentions of the prophets. For should the enlightened be granted dominance, so says the word, then man’s free will would be constrained by regard for the plight of his brother, and progress be restrained by the harness of fair play.

Should we wander forth in pursuit of a higher ideal, we put at risk the gains achieved by lesser men who in their humble countenance restricted their acts to those of mere mortals, and did not strive to out-do the deeds of the titans.

For titans built that shining city on the hill, so they say, and titans alone should strive to surpass its brilliance. And since there be no titans among us, we rest in languor on the laurels of past conquistadors, and a morass of mediocracy prevails in perpetuity upon the land of the gods.

Your humble servant,
Howard A. Frankson

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