Letters — 21 May 2013

I have read the editorial in this week’s Amandala and must wholeheartedly agree with the editor concerning the amount of nonsense happening under this Barrow administration. The editor mentioned that even the UDP loyalists have to admit there is a crisis concerning the Deputy PM. Scandal after scandal is coming out concerning him and the PM still hasn’t come out and disciplined this individual. Why is he protecting this guy?

In the past Musa administration, Mr. Musa said a famous statement that Belizeans took politically and made fun of him: “Nobody will get between the love I have for Ralph Fonseca.” It seems today it’s déjà vu. I wonder if Barrow will profess this same statement the love he has for Gapi Vega, that’s why he’s mute about all these scandals.

Hakeem Bush

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