General — 11 July 2018 — by Courtney Menzies
Murder on Wagners Lane

BELIZE CITY, Mon. July 9, 2018– Construction worker Akeem Vargas, 25, was walking on Wagners Lane on Friday, July 6, at around 7:30 p.m. when he was ruthlessly gunned down. Neighbors said they heard about 12 shots being blasted, and up to Friday, blood could still be seen on the gravel where Vargas died.

Vargas had left his home to borrow a bicycle in order to run an errand when an armed man appeared at the entrance of Simmons Alley, a short distance from his house, and shot at him repeatedly.

Vargas was hit twice; in the neck and in the ear. He died in the arms of his common-law wife and his mother-in-law, who rushed to the alley when they heard the shots.

His common-law wife, Tiffara Wallace, recalled that he was holding his throat as blood was gushing out of him. He had tried to speak, but was unable to.

There had been claims that Vargas was part of the Jump Street gang, but Wallace was quick to refute those claims, saying that he was not affiliated with any gang.

The family said that it is possible that because of his refusal to join the gang and to do what those gang members wanted, that he was targeted. Vargas’ father, Eaton Garcia, said that his son had told him that he had been threatened before by some men in the neighborhood, who said that they were going to kill him.

Wallace said that Vargas was not a troublesome person at all, and had been living in Dangriga until he moved to Belize City about four years ago.

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