Letters — 07 January 2008 — by Yasser Musa
Editor Reporter
Belize City
January 7th, 2008
Dear Editor,
I would like the opportunity to correct a couple inaccurate statements written in a letter by Dr. Carla Barnett (the Reporter of January 6th, 2008) on the topic of the Philip Goldson monument.
The statement, “I don’t know… who decided to use public funds, through NICH, to complete what began as a private undertaking,” is wrong.  To date no NICH funds have been used in this project. 
The other statement, “If Yasser and NICH really wanted in their hearts to honour Goldson, they would have made sure that things were done the right way.”  Carla can’t possibly know what is in my heart. We hardly know each other. I’ve only encountered her in meetings maybe three times in my life.
It is important that I point out that since NICH was formed in 2003, there has been much progress in the area of culture and history. The fact that 150,000 people went to the Museum is not political. The fact that 13,000 performers took to the stage at the Bliss since 2004 is not political. The fact that we’ve supported over 1,000 artists, writers, musicians and cultural organizations is not political.
I’ve been trying for four years to commission a book on Mr. Goldson and continue to work to that end with the support of people like Miss Emma Boiton.
The installation and exhibition of the Philip Goldson Monument was the initiative of the artist and I was invited to attend and say a few words on behalf of the National Institute of Culture and History. NICH endorses the monument of Mr. Goldson by a Belizean artist because it is the right thing to do.
Yasser Musa

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