Sports — 15 May 2015 — by Peter Young
Cricket Corner: “Not this time, boys”

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 13, 2015–The Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued with a few games played over the weekend.  There were two of them that were very interesting.

On Saturday, Western Eagles, who had lost only one game, paid a visit to Belmopan to meet Police, who had lost two – one to Easy Does It and one to Western Eagles. Eagles and Police were in full force against each other. The Eagles took to bat first, and throughout the inning they showed very good skills. It seemed that a big score would have been put on the board, but Police captain Howell Gillett said, “Enough of this!” He called a small looking Indian guy and gave him the ball. After taking a good look at him, I realized that he had taken the most wickets in previous games against other teams.  His name is Amnol Kanaujia. With his slow spin bowling, he slowed down the batsmen and the runs. Soon, the Eagles were out for 175 runs. A score like such would let an opposing team be not too comfortable. In that inning, Conway Young top scored with 45 runs for the Eagles. Kanaujia took 3 wkts for Police.


After lunch break, the test continued. At the start, Police started showing brilliance in their batting. Two veterans were sent in first, Sylbert Martinez and Llewellyn “Luggy” Sutherland. They did a fantastic job, so to speak. When the last batsman went in, the victory for Western Eagles was in sight. A ball was bowled. After the ball passed the batsman, it was caught by a fielder. Everyone shouted, “UMPIRE!” The batsman made movements as though he believed or knew he tipped the ball and was out. But when the appeal was queried, the umpire said he did not see or hear anything. Because of that, the batsman remained in; and these last two batsmen surpassed the Eagles’ score, and Police won.

That game then left Police losing two games, and Western Eagles now had two losses also. In that inning, Llewellyn Sutherland top scored with 33 runs for Police, and Dirk Sutherland took 3 wickets for the Eagles.

Then on Sunday, Western Eagles traveled to Lemonal to play a back match against the home team, Easy Does It. Easy Does It had lost only one game, and that was to Police. The Easy Boys won the toss and went to bat first. Well, the bowling of the Eagles started to take a toll on the batsmen early, as the first wicket fell for zero; then 2 for two; and 3 for two. When the 4th wicket fell, the score was at 22. Herbert Banner went in, and things changed. Banner started to hit the bowlers very hard. The bowling had to be changed with Jonathan Benjamin, and with his slow left-hand bowling, he started hitting down wickets. Banner got bowled, but not before he had scored 76 alone, including 6 sixes. Benjamin continued to successfully hit wickets. At the fall of the last wicket, Easy Does It total score was 119. Thanks to Benjamin, who took 4 wickets.

Well, after the break, the Eagles took to bat. The score appeared small to the Eagles. Conway Young and Keve Flowers went in as open batsmen. They started to do well. When Conway was out as the first to fall, the score was at 40 + runs, a good average for the first wicket. But things changed, as wickets started falling fast; and it took 7 more wickets to surpass the score at 122, for the Eagles win.

This game put the first place at a three-way tie. Each of the three powerful teams has lost 2 games apiece. In that inning, Conway top scored again with 31 runs for the Eagles, while Orlando Banner took 3 wkts for Easy Does It.

In other games played, Brilliant defeated Brave Union, 270 to 71. For Brilliant, Valentine Young, Jr. top scored with 69 runs, and Andy Gillett took 3 wickets. For Brave Union, Shane Young top scored with 25, and Clark Rhaburn took 3 wkts. Then on Sunday, Brave Union lost again, this time to Isabella Uprising, 239 to 60. For Uprising, Dwayne Hendy scored 69, and Winston Hendy took 3 wkts. For Brave Union, Brandon Frazier scored 21 and Calbert Ferguson took 3 wkts. Wicked 11 damaged Medicos terrible, 48 to 50, with 7 wickets to spare.  Other games did not play or were stopped because of inclement weather.

The following games are scheduled for this Saturday:

Zone One – Easy Does It vs Bright Star at Sandhill; Excellence vs Western Eagles at Rancho; and Police vs Excelsior at St. Paul’s.

Zone Two – Brave Union vs Berlan at Landing; Cashu Medicos vs Uprising at Lords Bank; Sunrise vs Suga Boys st Carmelita; and Brilliant vs Wicked 11 at Flowers Bank.

The regular season is nearing its end. Come, fans, and cheer for your favorite team or teams you see going to the playoffs. And a word again to all – continue to respect your fellowmen.

See you next week.

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