Letters — 22 March 2013 — by Nuri Muhammad

“And who is better in religion than one who submits his whole self to God, and is a doer of good, and follows the order of Abraham, the upright in faith.” Qur’an 4:125

Dear Paul,

I’m so sorry you were not able to make it to the welcome reception for the Hon. Minister Farrakhan given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, or to attend any of his public lectures; however, I am happy that you got a chance to hear his unifying messages as they were broadcast on radio and television. In 1975, you were one of the highest ranking public officials to welcome the Minister to Belize, and as Mayor, to present him with the key to the city. For this, you will always be remembered for your courage.

On the matter of a united front of Muslims, Christians and Jews, and Belize being a special place to initiate such an enterprise, despite our size and global insignificance, I and many other believers wholeheartedly support such an initiative. While we don’t see many practicing Jews in Belize there are other believers in the One God who should join such a union to form a united front against the forces of evil that have gained a foothold in our precious land.

God is not a respecter of persons and looks at the heart and deeds and not the outer covering of religionists. In fact, a proper understanding of Scripture divides the world between “believers” and “non-believers”; and in the camp of the believers is one common denominator, the Almighty, who has many names, all meaning: Almighty.

So I welcome your call, Paul, to put aside our childish differences and to establish a platform for increased cooperation among those who say they believe in the One God.

Nuri Muhammad

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