Letters — 03 July 2015
The odds against us are greater, says De La Fuente

After also enduring acts of kidnapping and terrorism at the hands of the Guatemalan military, the Northern Territorial Volunteers stand in full solidarity with the brave men and women of the Belize military, who stood resolute against the Guatemalan military on May 29, 2015.

Our military men and women can now attest to the Guatemalan military bullying of Belizeans while our Belizean Government seemingly continues to apologize for their violations.

This appeasing action towards Guatemala has placed Belize in a precarious situation. It will now take an intelligent and patriotic leader and a resolute populace to take Belize out of this position of weakness.

The odds against us are greater, and more is a stake than during the pre-independence era.

Belizeans, wake up and unite in calling out Government to be resolute in its actions against the invaders.


President N.T.V.
Giovanni De La Fuente

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