Letters — 18 November 2015
“Ointment” from Pastor Stirm

Dear Editor,

I wish to make a correction to the article run in this last Sunday’s newspaper about the BAEC. In it you reported that an executive leader from Belize City “leaked” information, which was absolutely not correct.

That executive of the Belize City chapter attended the National Executive meeting on October 2 in an official capacity, sitting in for Pastor Longsworth, who did not attend the meeting.

With all due respect to the truth and the leaders of BAEC Belize City, his presence was official, and his report was official, not “leaked,” which carries a negative, disloyal connotation.

Just a little ointment on the chafe…  Thanks for your work…

Respectfully yours,

Pastor Scott Stirm

(Ed. NOTE: Indeed, the letter from Pastor Longsworth did not use the word “leaked,” but a statement therein implied, by innuendo, that the report was leaked. Pastor Longsworth’s letter said that the meeting on Friday, October 2, 2015, was “reportedly chaired by Pastor Scott Stirm.” If the report brought back by the “executive leader” was official because he attended in an “official capacity,” then why did Pastor Longsworth’s letter say “reportedly” chaired by Pastor Scott? If the executive leader attended in an official capacity, then he must know whether Pastor Scott chaired the meeting or not, we would think.)

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