Crime — 18 July 2014 — by Kareem Clarke
Orange Walk police recapture “Mateo” Bull

He eluded authorities early Tuesday morning while being held at the OW police station

A convicted criminal who made a dash for freedom while being held at the Orange Walk Police Station in the wee hours of this past Tuesday, July 15, has been reeled in by authorities in that municipality today.

Matthew “Mateo” Bull, 21, was reportedly recaptured after police got information that he was staying in a house with a female friend in Trial Farm in the Orange Walk District.

On Monday, Bull was convicted for aggravated assault with a firearm upon Emil Usher, a resident of Orange Walk, and was sentenced to one year in prison.

The following day, he was to be transported to the Belize Central Prison, but around 2:00 on Tuesday morning, Bull found a way to slip through the cracks and somehow managed to free himself from his holding cell.

Police are still not able to confirm how it was that Bull eluded the on-duty officers who were at the station at the time.

We understand police have also detained Bull’s female companion on charges of aiding and abetting a criminal.

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