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Paddle and Pedal – Burrell Boom 2015 Race results

BELIZE CITY, Sun. Oct 11, 2015–Belize’s first Paddle & Pedal, presented by Paddle Stop, took place on Sunday, October 11.  The event consisted of 2 components, whereby the participants, two per team, paddle a canoe then transition to a bicycle.  The first component, the canoe race, started just after 10:00 a.m. at Henderson’s Bank.  Three teams – Guydis Canoes, Wateva Boyz, and Ride or Die paddled off towards Manatee Lookout Restaurant, the transition point.

       Arriving first at that location was Team Guydis Canoes – Chris Guydis and Euken Arnold; they were followed closely by the Wateva Boyz – Adrian Williams and Sergio López – sponsored by D & D Consultancy.  Not too far behind was the Ride or Die Team – Felix Rhaburn and Wilberto Daniels – sponsored by Guydis Canoes.

       The transition didn’t go as smoothly as expected.  The participants were to take their canoe out of the river and place it on land unassisted.  This didn’t go according to plan, probably due to a lack, of communication between participants and support crew.  Nonetheless, that got sorted and off on their bicycles they went.

       In the bicycle component, the participants pedaled from Manatee Lookout Restaurant in Ladyville back to Henderson’s Bank in Burrell Boom.  At the Boom Cutoff, the lead group of three cyclists made the turn – Chris Guydis, Euken Arnold and Sergio López.  A few seconds later, the remaining three participants – Adrian Williams, Wilberto Daniels and Felix Rhaburn were hot on their trail.  At the Boom Bridge no difference in the race, except that the trailing group was closing in the gap.

   The twist for winning this event was that both teammates were to come to the finish line together or at least on their teammate’s wheel.  The idea was to have them work together as a team to build team sportsmanship, and basically not to leave your teammate behind.

       Crossing the finish line first was Guydis Canoes, with time 2:22:23, followed by Wateva Boyz at 2:23:16, and Ride or Die at 2:23:46, in that order.

    The finish was controversial, as participants had different interpretations of the rule.  A member of the Guydis Canoes Team was before the finish line waiting for his teammate before crossing the line together; whereas the Wateva Boyz pedaled in together crossing over the finish line.  After the race, all teams and the organizer discussed the matter, and all agreed that Wateva Boyz should be awarded the first place, as they rode in together, not leaving either teammate behind.  They won $200 cash and gold medals.  Guydis Canoes took second place with $150 cash and silver medals.  Ride or Die settled for third place with $100 cash and bronze medals.  All participants received a complimentary T-shirt and lunch.

       Being the first event of its kind, there were hiccups.  We got those dissolved and we’re ready to move forward.

       Paddle Stop would like to recognize and thank the following people and businesses for their kind contribution and support which made this event possible!  Mr. Paul Bradley of Burrell Boom, Guydis Canoes, Henderson’s Bank, Manatee Lookout Restaurant, The Stationery House Retail Outlet Ltd., Bluefly Digital Advertising, Custom Launch and the Belize National Triathlon Association.

       The next event, Paddle & Pedal Cayo Edition will be on November 19, 2015.  Details will be available on as they become available.  Once there, please remember to click the LIKE button.

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