Letters — 21 March 2014 — by Thomas Charlesworth

Dear Sir,

I have been patient since last year with the governing bodies of Belize and I have reached the end of my patience. We have all kinds of things happening in Belize. Prices are going up all over in everything.

Now as I drive around Belize City, a 10-minute drive now takes up to 45 minutes; needless to say, that it is an inconvenience, but between BWS and CISCO, it is even worse. There is Central American Boulevard at the gas station blocked off; Partridge Street where it meets the highway, blocked the other side; beside Carter’s is now one-way; Vernon Street blocked off all by government work.

Yes, I say GOB because they own BWS and BTL and all the work being done is by those two entities. We, the public, are the ones suffering from all these blockages. Gas is not cheap!!!! We seem to do work haphazardly. Why don’t they concentrate on one street at a time and why do we stop at the end of the day? Works like street repairs should be day and night. It is all nice that they are trying to make jobs, but at the same time, whilst making jobs, the public suffers.

Secondly, let me touch a topic that is a little bit tricky, for lack of a better word. The teachers were or are to be given a 5% pay raise. Now in my view, that can be more. Why and how, you may ask? It is said that all government vehicles are to be parked at the end of the business day. So how come we see GOB vehicles out at 2 in the morning, or Minister’s vehicles out at those hours and no Minister?

If the Prime Minister starts to give each vehicle a specific amount of gas or diesel per month, the savings can go to the teachers. What kind of government business do they have at 2 in the morning? Most of the time the vehicle does not even have a Minister in them. Of course, there are the times where the Minister is caught at the Free Zone in a GOB ride getting into trouble, but I leave that topic for another time.

Thomas Charlesworth

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