Letters — 22 August 2014
Paul’s comments on Ambassador Moreno’s statements

Editor Sir:

With reference to your article, “New U.S. Ambassador meets the Press,” which appeared in your August 17, 2014, issue and continued on pages 2 and 4. I would like to make a few comments.

First, common sense has always told people that action speaks louder than words. If the U.S. does not have an LGBT agenda, why does it give UNIBAM money?

Second, Mr. Moreno stated that LGBT rights are a subset of rights that are accorded to everyone. I would like to ask him which of these subset rights are really rights, in his human rights.

Mr. Editor, any schoolboy who has studied Western Civilization and has read the Belize Constitution knows that claims made by UNIBAM and LGBT, like same sex marriage, are not in accord with Judaeo-Christian principles, which are the foundation and building blocks of Western and Belizean culture, law and rights.

If Mr. Ambassador really wants to be Belize’s friend, he must realize that our people will not allow our Government or our judiciary to become dictatorial and impose bogus rights on us.

What is a bogus right? Any claim that pretends that an individual choice which is not consonant with the Common Good is a right.

Our human rights are clearly and precisely delineated in Chapter II of our Belize Constitution. Any accretions by court order or law passed by the National Assembly could not be accepted without abolishing the Belize Constitution.

Please, Mr. Editor, if His Excellency wants truly to be a friend of Belize, he must understand what I am saying.

(Signed) Paul Rodriguezsend letters

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