Sports — 12 January 2019 — by Santino “The Chief” Castillo
Pedal by Pedal of Weekend Warriors New Year’s Race of January 6, 2019 

A little after 9 a.m., close to 50 Category A Weekend Warrior Riders took off from Orange Walk on their way to Old Belize via the Northern Highway and connecting to the Boom Road for a total of 61 Miles. Meanwhile, some 15 B Riders started in Carmelita and rode the same course for about 55 miles.

In the B Category it was the youngster, Matthew Castellanos of Big Blade, taking the victory, while Martin Esquilliano got 2nd, and female newcomer, Nicole Gallego, was 3rd. Much kudos to Nicole. Rounding out the top 5 were Richard Gabourel and Ingemar Perrera.

In the A Category it was war from the get go with many attempted breakaways, but none yielding success, until 5 Heads of State got away at the Prison with some 12 miles to the finish. They were Barney Brown of Digicell, David Yearwood of Furnished Apartments Ltd., Dwight Lopez of Belcal, Preston Martinez of M&M and David Interian of Santino’s.

At the tape that is the exact order they finished, with Barney Brown proving he still has his stuff. Exactly 15 seconds later almost the entire Peloton rolled in for the 5 remaining positions, and it was the veteran, Roque Matus of M&M, taking 6th by sprinting, like the Roque of old. Ray Cat of C-Ray was 7th, Eddie Usher of Digicell 8th, Santino the Chief 9th, and Kirk Sutherland of Digicell rounded out the top 10. Thanks to all participants, officials, and family members who support this group of Weekend Warriors, which started for fun and has now become highly competitive.

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