Letters — 23 July 2013 — by Luis Cordova

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned citizen of this nation who only seeks to point out a very upsetting issue that affects us directly and indirectly. For the past week I have been observing the way morning talk show hosts act. I have found it very disappointing to hear their gibberish and have found their show a waste of time. As I tune in every morning I find myself listening to these hosts discussing political issues which foster hate in our citizens. It alarms me to hear these people talk politically about each other in this way.

Many hosts talk around the issues instead of dealing with the true issues. Instead of turning every single national issue into a political affair, they should concentrate on informing us, the public, of the issues that directly affect us, be it positive or negative.

For decades our nation has been taught to be biased and politically divided. All I hear in these shows is the UDP supporters talking about the PUP representatives and vice versa. Instead of focusing on how a policy makes an impact on us, they make it a political/personal issue.
There is always a clash between people of our nation because of political affiliations.

It is sad to note that while this “hate” and segregation prevail, our beloved Jewel of a country will not see progress. There must be a change within us to dissipate all this hate and difference.
As the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., state, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

We should stop hating each other and stop making everything a political affair. We should start looking past the political biasness and concentrate on things that really make an impact on us and can help unite us as a nation. It is clear that political affiliations kill a democracy, and if we keep making politics the greatest issue of our lives, we will lose sense of what democracy really is.

It would be advisable that these shows start making changes in the type of information they share with the public and forget about politics. After all, elections are far from happening. The people elected a government; now let it govern. Make a difference; make a change and move forward past the political biasness. That is my motto.

Luis Cordova

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