Letters — 25 October 2013 — by Gilroy Usher, Sr.

Dear Editor ,

I would like the government to have compassion on Belizeans and remember that charity begins at home. This is concern for a family of born Belizeans, specifically the Wagner family near Pen Road extension that needs help in getting a letter of recommendation to lease a swamp land that they filled up and built a house on to escape the terrible burden of house rent. This lot is in an area where many UDP cronies have been given rows of lots near the police sub-station on Fabers Road extension after squatting on the property as well.

When the family asked the area representative of Port Loyola for a recommendation letter to lease the land, they were informed that it would not be prepared for them because they can’t get the property. We are talking about poor people, who need a little help from their area representative and the Government to improve their standard of living.

Sincerely yours,
Gilroy Usher, Sr.
Cell: 629-6560

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