Letters — 18 September 2015
Praise for the San Roman  preschool project

Dear Editor,

        Please allow me space in your most respectable newspaper, as I express admiration and gratitude toward those who have made a preschool community project possible in the village of San Roman, in the Corozal District.

        The San Roman village community preschool has been a much needed facility for the delivery of quality education to the youngest generation of our community. The preschool was previously housed in the local community center; however, the location was inadequate as it was close to the Philip Goldson Highway with no fence and no restroom facilities in the building. The use of the community center as a preschool implied that any other community function, would either have to find a new location or run the risk of tampering with the children’s equipment and projects. At times the use of the facility as a learning center and for community activities led to conflicts between the event organizers as the community does not count with any other proper facility to carry out activities such as mobile dental and health clinics, youth development workshops or community celebrations.

        The need for a facility designated specifically as a learning center for the children was clear. The Village Council along with the Ministry of Education started working towards the establishment of such a facility in the community. The villagers have come together donating from blocks, pieces of steel, to zinc, cement and other material as well as volunteered their time to clean and refurbish the wooden building donated by Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College. Children as well as adults have participated sometimes staying out until the wee hours of the night giving the final touches to the structure.

        Apart from the community members there were also some other donors to whom gratitude is owed and are worth mentioning. Amongst them are Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, Atlantic Bank, Prosser Fertilizers, Dr. Angel Campos and Courts. This project was led by the fervent chairlady, Ms. Alicia Ramirez, who through all the struggles stood strong and carried the project forward.

        The community preschool was inaugurated on the 9th of September and has seen an enrolment of 15 children with many more parents expressing interest in enrolling their children in the school. The school counts with a recycled tire playground, an ample compound, a spacious class room, and proper in-house restrooms. Much work remains to be done, especially in the formalization of temporary utility connections and other things for which the PTA and Council are still receiving contributions. (Alicia Ramirez 669-4515)

        On behalf of the San Roman community, I say “gracias” to all those who contributed to the completion of this wonderful community project.


Grateful villager

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