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Premium gas now up by 93 cents on the gallon

PG buyers pay more than $12 a gallon

BELIZE CITY, Sat. Sept. 23, 2017–Three days after pump prices spiked for regular gasoline and diesel, there was another price change at the pumps, with the price of premium gasoline increasing by 93 cents on the gallon.

The announcement was made by the Belize Bureau of Standards that the price of premium gas, which was actually 14 cents less per gallon than regular gas since the price adjustment of September 20, would increase from $10.99 a gallon to $11.92 a gallon in Belize City.

Last Wednesday, the price of regular gasoline, which had been tagged at $10.21 since August 16, increased by 92 cents on the gallon, to $11.13.

The price of diesel increased from $9.26 to $9.63, an increase of 37 cents on the gallon.

However, the price of kerosene remains at $5.68 a gallon in Belize City.

Prices vary in the districts due to transportation costs. In Punta Gorda, where prices are highest, a gallon of premium gasoline now costs $12.16. Regular gas is $11.38 a gallon, diesel $9.89 and kerosene $5.93.

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