Features — 20 August 2013

Belize Can Patriot, along with the Alliance of Ministers & Leaders of Belize and Social Partners, has organized peaceful demonstrations for today, Tuesday, August 20, in its calls for 1) retraction of the Gender Policy 2013; 2) a declaration that gender equals male and female ONLY; 3) stiffer punishment for authors and/or instigators of victimization in Belize; 4) the guarding of the preamble of the Belize Constitution – as it currently is.

The first protest will be staged in front of the National Assembly at 8:30 a.m., and the second in front of the University of Belize in Belmopan at 11:00 a.m.

Organizers note that “…the Government of Belize has continued to implement its plans in the 2013 Gender Policy, adding a Gender Department at the University of Belize BMP, although they claim to be awaiting the requested changes by members of the Clergy….”
They also contend that “…The Gender Policy: would force changes to our Constitution, since it protects homosexuality – which is a VIOLATION of Section 53 of the Criminal Code of Belize…”

In the view of the protestors, the promotion of the new gender policy attempts to also “use our children to accept that lifestyle,” and “violates the moral and spiritual values in our nation, and much, much more….”

They also point to victimization and blatant violation of the Belize Constitution and the Laws of Belize, which “has destroyed families, homes, careers, scholarships and much more…”

More specifically, they say that there has been an “onslaught of victimization” against members of the Patriotic Order of Activists of Belize, namely Audrey Matura-Shephard, Moses Sulph, Prof. Patrick R. Menzies, Philip ‘Fawda’ Henry and several others.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 the group will protest against victimization and for the removal of the Gender Department from UB.

Belize Can said that the demonstration in Belmopan is only a start, and it plans to hold a series of demonstrations across the country.

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