Headline — 06 August 2013 — by Kareem Clarke
Proud single mother does “a man’s job!”

Doreen McKoy has no fear of her work, thinks “positive,” and refuses to be “underestimated”

Doreen McKoy, 33, a sanitation worker for over 8 years, is normally seen diligently cleaning up refuse on the street side here on Partridge Street each morning, many a times in the broiling sun.

Today, Amandala decided to speak with this hardworking woman to see what it’s like for her on a daily basis. We were impressed to hear what she had to say. She believes that as a woman, she is able to do any type of work that a man can do, and maybe even more, as she refuses to be underestimated. She mentioned that she does have her good days and bad days on the job, like everybody else, but she always tries to “work around” the bad days by thinking positive, because she knows that she has her children to take care of.

Doreen told us that she does her best to maintain her five children and to keep them in school, which is essential to their future development, as it might be one of the few chances that they have to get a sensible job so that they don’t end up doing the same kind of work that she presently does, although she is by no means ashamed to be a sanitation worker.

Doreen stated that she keeps her job so that she can independently fulfill her needs and wants without having to depend on anyone because she does not believe in begging. Over the years, she has grown to love the work that she does and every day she asks the Lord to give her the health, strength, patience and understanding to go on.

She encourages the young people to listen to their parents, to be open to listening to positive advice from their elders and not to take anything for granted. Doreen also wants to encourage all hardworking single mothers like herself to keep striving. Her message to them is to get up and be strong because “out yah rough,” and only the strong will persevere. That’s why she promises herself to do as much as she can to ensure her kids’ welfare.

It is truly inspiring to us here “Backa Di Zinc Fence” to hear so many positive messages coming from an average grassroots Belizean, and we encourage the rest of single mothers like Doreen to kindly take example, so that we may become more progressive as a people.

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