Publisher — 12 October 2012

The United States presidential elections are less than a month away, and because Belize cable television is dominated by American stations, we Belizeans have been and are being bombarded by all the American political discussions and commentaries.

The election of Barack Obama four years ago was an aberration, because of the fact that Barack’s father was an African student from Kenya who married his American white mother while they were both attending university in Hawaii. The United States is the leader of the international system of white supremacy, and for the U.S. to elect a man who is visibly black to their highest office, was an astounding event.

The chances are, however, that Obama will not be re-elected to office. The main reason is not because he is black, although there has been a growing backlash of white racism against him during his presidential term. The biggest reason why Barack is in trouble is this: the United States is a militaristic nation, and their war machine, sometimes referred to as their “military-industrial complex,” has major political clout. There are observers who think that America normally has to be making war in order for their economy to be robust, and Obama, a Democrat, has been reducing America’s war-making. Barack has taken the United States out of Iraq, and he is scaling down their war efforts in Afghanistan.

Consider the different behavior of the Republican administrations and the Democratic administrations over the last thirty years. The Republican Ronald Reagan (1980-1988) invaded Grenada in 1983 and sponsored a war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. His Republican successor, George Bush, Sr. (1988-1992), invaded Panama in 1989 and then invaded Iraq. Bush’s Democratic successor, Bill Clinton (1992-2000), didn’t invade anyone. Clinton’s Republican successor, George Bush, Jr. (2000-2008), invaded Iraq in 2003 and stepped up the American war effort in Afghanistan. In the beginning of his term, Obama continued the war in Afghanistan, but he has not initiated any invasions.

Barack is someone who will order enemies of the United States to be killed, but the Democratic Party to which he belongs, is more interested in the welfare of America’s poor and middle class than it is dedicated to the greater enrichment of America’s wealthy, who own the factories and industries which benefit from war contracts. The American economy has improved since Barack took over, but it is still struggling. The American elite know that the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, will wage wars if he is elected, and they will make money.

So then, why did the warmaking George Bush, Jr., end his term with America on the verge of financial collapse? This was because the American elite were very greedy (they always are), and many of them made huge gobs of money off the Iraq invasion, which was a “privatized” war. Apart from the business opportunities of the wars, the American wealthy received tax breaks from Bush, Jr., and meanwhile the war financiers on Wall Street were concocting all kinds of schemes to trap and fleece the middle class. These schemes were the elaborate, complex mortgage packages which began to blow up in 2007 and endangered the entire American financial system and, indeed, the financial structure of the Western world.

Barack was supposed to protect the American poor and middle class, but there was a reality he met which he could not have expected. The rich said to him when he took office: if we crash, then America crashes; so, before you do anything, you have to save us. So, Barack, dutifully, bailed out Wall Street. America’s Main Street paid the price for that – Main Street being the poor and the middle class.

So now, as Americans go to the polls, America’s poor and middle class are not as enthusiastic and optimistic about Barack Obama as they were in 2008. Barack, under duress, betrayed them. The wealthy are ready for another round of feeding at the public trough. With Romney, there will be wars and rumors of wars, and “happy days” will return for the American rich in the oil fields of Iran. That is what the rich are projecting.

Don’t be getting all worried about Barack, and sorry for him and Michelle and their daughters. America is ready to be America again, and they want a cowboy back in the White House saddle. Back in the days, there were a few black cowboys, you know, even though you never saw them in the movies. But, generally, the Americans prefer their cowboys white. This is real.

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