Highlights — 04 September 2015 — by Rowland A. Parks
PUP leadership “is insecure and petty …thrives on hearsay and gossip …creates its own enemies …”

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 3, 2015–“Tonight the youngest PUP standard bearer, Josue Carballo, joined by the OW East BYM, will be live on OUTSpoken at 8 on PUP Belize Positive Vibes TV.”

   So read the post from Micah Goodin, the show’s host, on his Facebook page.

   But that show was not to be. One hour before Goodin was supposed to take to the airwaves with his show, both he and his guest, Josue Carballo, learned that the show had been cancelled by the station’s management for no legitimate reason.

   Goodin, himself a very young, rising member of the PUP, was a former standard bearer for the Collet Division who was arbitrarily replaced by the present standard bearer, Yasmin Shoman.

   After his replacement as standard bearer for Collet, Goodin remained loyal to the PUP’s cause in his ambition to serve. He became an executive member of the PUP’s Belize Youth Movement.
All that love for his party and his eagerness to serve has now gone out the window, as Goodin administered a severe tongue-lashing to the PUP leadership and forthwith resigned from his executive post with Belize Youth Movement.

    The message and the mood of the Facebook message is devastatingly clear.

   “I cannot be a part of a leadership that is insecure and petty. A leadership that thrives on hearsay and gossip. A leadership that creates its own enemies. A leadership that is paranoid and threatened by its own shadow. A leadership that isn’t serious about uplifting and empowering the Belizean youth. A leadership that is dictatorial and wants to make me nothing but a little black puppet. I will never be anyone’s puppet. They cancelled the show last night based on a frivolous and untruthful rumour that I met with the G-11 last week in Orange Walk and planned to overthrow Francis Fonseca. I have been disrespected often, but this was enough. I da nuh unu picni. Do unu own show. Lead unu own youth movement. Unu can’t use me again. Two years ago you could have pushed and pulled me around. This is not the same inexperienced youth. Until this leadership sorts out its self-esteem issues, I will be looking on,” the post said.

       In another post, Goodin writes: “Please be informed that OUTSPoken has been cancelled again tonight and as of this point, I will no longer be the host. Also, I offer my immediate resignation from the executive of the Belize Youth Movement, the official youth arm of the PUP.”

       In an interview with KREM’s Marisol Amaya, the guest for last night’s show, Josue Carballo said, “I really don’t know what was the reason for it [the show being spiked].  I am definitely a proud member of the reform movement within the PUP.”

       Micah deserves an apology from the management of the radio station, Carballo said. He went on to say, “I believe it was not done right. As a three-time elected councilor in Orange Walk Town and as a deputy mayor, all I want is to make the party stronger.”

   “I believe, from what he told me, that it was cancelled an hour before [the show]. We must do things better. We must be able to outreach to people”, Carballo said.

   “I believe that he is an outspoken young person and these are the people we must continue to harness in our party. I don’t see nothing wrong with that,” Carballo stated.

       Carballo said that as a reform group, they will be tabling their position to better fight corruption. “People want to hear about that, and about stopping all this arrogance, and really, for the government to be returned back to the people,” he said.

      “Now is the time for open dialogue. We have had that approach with the Party Leader. We have been talking and I think we are going to be putting out our proposals to the table. The management of the radio station needs to be more careful, need to realize that all we want is victory for the party.

       “I just believe that our cause is genuine; we are first and foremost party supporters,” said Carballo.

       Carballo stated, “People out there are saying that our system has failed. It is upon us, the PUP, to show that we can renew the system.”

       “We can change the system. All of us in the group are young politicians. We want a future for our country, so we really need to, as you say, shake up the system that is currently not working. Particularly under this United Democratic Party government, it is not working, and it is not having the people at heart,” Carballo said.

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