Letters — 15 February 2013 — by John Oliver

Dear Editor,

In a news item this week, an immigrant illegally entered Belize, apparently, not for the first time. He was intent on using Belize’s unmarked, unguarded borders as a stepping stone to Mexico, and on to the United States. Found guilty, he was sentenced to a fine of $1,000, or if not paid (which he can’t), 12 months in jail.

That is 12 months (365 days) food and lodging, Bible studies, computer classes, recreation, English lessons, and the rest. All this at our Belizean taxpayers’ expense.

No! He should be put to work, with a few others of his kind, under armed guard, and with machete in hand, made to clear the bush along the national border (or adjacency zone), for a distance of 500m on the Belize side of the official boundary, determined by GPS measurements, agreed to, if necessary, by the other side’s officials.

Only in this way will he realize he’s being punished, and might be less likely to return, and Belize doesn’t give him any free ride.

John Oliver

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